Artfair Portland is an avant-garde art fair happening where visitors can buy astounding art in a wide palette of prices—$50 to $1.45M— while participating in new and beautiful art performances.

Our showcase artist is Texas Red, the American metaphysical spray artist featured in the webseries “I’m Carlos Now” and the films “The Red Dream”, “Caridwen” and “Peredur”. Thanks to technology developed by The Portland Alien Museum, Texas Red will conduct his popular interactive performance piece, “Voyage To Byd”— a magic cauldron of art, science and meditation that takes visitors to the exoplanet Byd and back.

Our showcase gallery is the Portland Art & Learning Studio — their intellectually and developmentally disabled artists create art that is more pure, shocking and real than anything you have ever seen before.

Artfair Portland is a scripted art happening open to chance and chaos. You’ll have the opportunity to consult with a snake psychic, participate in the world’s largest epic chant, see strange acts and dance to the electronic music of DJ Ganymede and DJ 1-800 Whittaker. The entire event will be filmed and become an episode of season three of “I’m Carlos Now”.

The fair is divided into two zones—the A-Zone where visitors can quietly¬† meditate on Texas Red icons and the D-Zone where artworks, performances and dynamic chaos will create fresh and exciting experiences.


Will Carlos buy the TR painting “The Delusion Of Distance” for $1.45 M in bitcoin as promised?

Will Banksy defy the odds and appear to receive his portrait?

18 & Over. Costumes and cameras welcome.